Staff Pick – Flora

Flora - Contemporary Persian Carpet from Orley Shabahang - Front of carpet

This week’s Staff Pick highlights Flora, a lush green Luri Gabbeh carpet from Orley Shabahang’s Tribal collection. From its thick green pile to the traditional weave, continue reading this week’s Staff Pick to learn more about this luxurious rug.  Woven in Iran in the last twenty years, Flora features a rich, green ivy-filled scene consisting of two-tone light…

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Staff Pick – Antique Persian Bakshaish Carpet

Antique Persian Bakshaish carpet interior field detail photo

With thousands of hand-knotted carpets in our inventory, you never know what jewels may be waiting within the collection. When it comes to antique carpets, many may not consider them due to common misconceptions, such as concerns over durability, design, and cleaning. If we had a chance to prove these customers wrong, we would show…

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Staff Pick – Vintage & Traditional Ghashghai Carpet

Ghashghai Carpet Overall photo

Surrounded by thousands of carpets of varying provenance, we sometimes take for granted the captivating intrigue of tribal rugs. Here at Orley Shabahang, we learn through experience that the more time we spend with these unique rugs, the more we fall in love with them. While tribal carpets tend to be more rustic and playful…

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Staff Pick – Checkers

Checkers Carpet 8'x10' overall photo

With thousands of custom design styles in our repertoire, ranging from abstract to architectural, sometimes our more subdued carpets miss their well-deserved spotlight. This week, we will be featuring this lovely neutral 8’ x 10’ carpet titled Checkers. From its simple, two-toned design to its pure wool pile, continue reading this week’s Staff Pick to learn more about…

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Staff Pick – Persian Haji Jalili Carpet

Whether you are a novice in the world of antique rugs or a seasoned carpet connoisseur, you are likely familiar with the works of master weaver Haji Jalili. World-renowned for their craftsmanship, Haji Jalili carpets convey the signature coloration, designs, and technique of their artist and maker. This week’s Staff Pick showcases one of our most exquisite…

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Staff Pick – Antique Tehran Tree of Life Hunting Scene Carpet

Antique Tehran Tree of Life Hunting Scene Carpet detail photo

Within the carpet’s pile, the art of storytelling has been passed down from generation to generation through one-of-a-kind masterpieces. Detailed by wild and masculine motifs, this week’s Staff Pick showcases an incredible Tree of Life Hunting scene carpet. Continue reading to learn about the story of the rug and its symbolism.

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Staff Pick – Karim Khan Zand Antique Carpet

Karim Khan Zand Carpet super up-close photo

Within human history, there are only a few times where emperors were honored for their peace and prosperity rather than their battles and tribulations. In this week’s “Staff Pick,” immerse yourself in this carpet’s vintage golden pile, and discover more about the mid-18th century ruler, Karim Khan Zand, and what went into this fabulous carpet’s…

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Staff Pick – Rain No. 2

Gray and Cream Rain Carpet overall photo

With hundreds of one-of-a-kind creations in our inventory, this week’s blog features Rain No. 2, one of Orley Shabahang’s most versatile designs. Woven with traditional Persian techniques that were that status quo centuries ago, continue reading to discover the inspiration behind our famous Rain No. 2 design and how anyone could implement this style of the area rug into…

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Staff Pick – Leopardess

The true creativity of Persian artisans and master weavers is the driving force behind many of our collections here at Orley Shabahang. Ancient Persian designs, in particular, have long inspired our work, as is the case with the Orley Shabahang Animal Collection. When reimagining this genre, the goal is to capture the essence and history…

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Staff Pick – Distinctive Persian Lion Carpets

This carpet features a distinctive lion wielding a sword with the sun peaking over his mane. The motif stretches from end to end and contrasts beautifully with the field’s rich red background. In Iran, the iconic symbol of the lion, sword, and sun represent a spiritual leader and teacher, and their gaze is intended to break down the viewer’s barricades. In turn, this allows the viewer to look outward at the carpet, but inward upon themselves. This carpet is a superb example of traditional Persian lion carpets with the exceptional clarity of its motif. Since this piece measures just under 3’ x 5’, this Persian carpet is ideal for a bedroom, a living room, a den, or even an office space.

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