Staff Pick – Distinctive Persian Lion Carpets

Bold, stoic, and captivating, Persian lion carpets also hold additional symbolism, unlike other animal carpets. This week’s Staff Pick explores one of our favorites in our collection from this genre. Continue reading to learn more about this Persian Yalameh lion carpet.

This Persian Yalameh carpet with a lion and sun motif is hand-knotted and measures 3’4″ x 4’11”. Crafted in Iran over 30 years ago, this piece is unused and remains in perfect condition. This rug uses a traditional Persian weave to create the pile and foundation. This weave creates a soft pile and durable foundation without toxic adhesives or latex and allows this piece to remain completely functional.  To obtain the rich red, gold, blue, orange, and green tones, the weavers utilize organic dyes. These dyes are preferred for carpet weaving today for their bright and fade-resistant hues. The carpet’s neutral cream tone comes from undyed, natural shades of wool from Persian Fat-Tailed Sheep.

Traditionally, the iconic Persian lion and sword design accompanied by a sun symbolize a spiritual leader or teacher. Their stoic and cross gaze is intended to break the viewer’s mental barricades, and in turn, allow the viewer to gain a truer understanding of themselves. The additional detailing within the lion’s mane, paws, and the sun’s rays are outlined by black wool. Encircling the field, a repetitive dual-level border holds intertwining leaf and vine motifs along with a traditional Persian dogtooth design.

We love this Yalameh lion carpet for a few reasons. The clarity and size of the lion and sun motif are astonishing. In particular, the detailing within the lion and sun itself is aided by the black wool, especially within Lion’s mane. This extra clarity pays dividends to the carpet’s character. Additionally, the gaze from the lion and sun is nothing short of captivating, with real humanity to their expressions.

Being crafted nearly 30 years ago, we are still inspired by the majesty in this piece and intrigued by its symbolism, vibrance, and clarity. In such a small package, the personality within this carpet is extraordinary. We are thrilled to have the opportunity to showcase this piece, as well as the ability to have this carpet available for purchase through our 1stdibs virtual showroom.