Our Story

In 2001, Bahram Shabahang, with the support of his long-time friend and business partner, Geoffrey Orley, set out on a vision to create his own line of new Persian revival carpets.

Although the world was not without “Persian carpets”, it was missing distinctly creative carpets made by long forgotten techniques that led to the great masterpieces considered one of a kind antiques today. Through years of trial and error and thousands of miles of travel back to his native Iran, Bahram Shabahang created his current collection. In the process, he resurrected discontinued knotting techniques, supplied initially expensive Persian wool to yarn makers, re-instituted the hand spinning of wool, and built a natural color dyeing facility.

All carpets are made in villages, in the homes of weavers we individually contract. The entire process from start to finish is accomplished by hand. Orley Shabahang is proud to be the exclusive creator and vendor of these fine carpets.

Our Locations

Orley Shabahang prides itself on supplying our customers nationwide and around the world with our one-of-a-kind heirloom pieces.

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Our Production Process

Weaving the traditions of fine Persian carpets into our heirloom pieces, Orley Shabahang utilizes only the finest raw materials in our organic process. True artisans perform every step entirely by hand to create these artistic masterpieces.

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Orley Shabahang takes great pride in the recognition that our fine hand-knotted carpets have received.

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