The Paisley Shawl example photo

The Paisley

Prevalent in many cultures and designs, the paisley is one of the most recognizable patterns utilized today. With ancient roots dating back to 200 BC, re-discover the origins of the...
Antique Spotlight - Qashqai Bridal Horse Blanket

Antique Spotlight – Qashqai Bridal Horse Blanket

Here at Orley Shabahang, our inventory is vast and includes multiple styles of Persian textiles, some of which are exceptionally rare. In today’s Antique Spotlight, we will be examining this...

Staff Pick – Vintage Gabbeh Carpet

World-renowned for our modern and contemporary carpet collections, all too often, the smaller and more tribal-styled carpets go unnoticed. In this week's Staff Pick, we will discuss a smaller vintage Gabbeh...
Magnolia carpet overall photo

Inspiration Everywhere – Magnolia

Capturing the gaze of its viewer, this design, titled Magnolia, is one of Orley Shabahang’s premiere examples of their Arts and Crafts carpet collection. Continue reading to discover Magnolia’s inspiration and what makes this...
Bakhshayesh Sunset overall carpet photo

Inspiration Everywhere – Bakhshayesh Sunset

Working with antique carpets, one cannot help but admire the complex designs abounding in tribal rugs. At Orley Shabahang, we adore these antique and vintage pieces for their vibrant tones...
Our example Bakhtiari is unique and was created by the master weaver, Ardal. Renowned across Persia for his line of Bakhtiari carpets, Ardal pieces are sought after for their extraordinary craftsmanship and their limited production (1870-1900). In much the same way that Orley Shabahang creates carpets by hand to this day, Ardal utilized the finest raw materials and weavers to create Char Mahal’s most exemplary Bakhtiari pieces. Like other traditional Bakhtiaris, the example carpet has a panel-style pattern and incorporates the classic Bakhtiari motifs of weeping willows, butterflies, caterpillars, and a large assortment of flowers. However, this Ardal carpet differs from other Bakhtiari by its uncommon combination of wool tones and the weave. Notice that the Ardal design is more refined, and the field and border motifs have a great deal more clarity. Additionally, this border uses large open-faced flowers that are interconnected throughout the carpet by vines and bouquets.

Antique Spotlight – Ardal Bakhtiari Gallery Carpet

This week’s blog is an Antique Spotlight on our fabulous Antique Ardal Bakhtiari gallery carpet. Located just outside of Isfahan, Char Mahal is the birthplace of the Bakhtiari carpet. Read...

Staff Pick – Distinctive Persian Lion Carpets

Bold, stoic, and captivating, Persian lion carpets also hold additional symbolism, unlike other animal carpets. This week’s Staff Pick explores one of our favorites in our collection from this genre....
Afghanistan January 2014

5 Reasons why Persian Carpets are Perfect for Winter

With winter in full swing, Persian carpet connoisseurs continue to kick their feet up comfortably on their curated carpet collections. Aside from their looks, discover the top 5 reasons why...

In the Press: Jeremiah Brent Manhattan Apartment in Architectural Digest

Featured in an exclusive on the Architectural Digest website, Orley Shabahang carpets featured in this luxury project by the premier design firm, Jeremiah Brent Design. (more…)