A detailed image of this silk iris textile reveals the ground weft’s neutral diamond design with the lampassed pink, yellow, blue, and white flowers on top of it.

Find it at the Met – Silk Iris

With the Safavid dynasty of Persia came a golden era in politics, science, and art. These rulers saw the importance of collaboration between various fields of study, and as such,...
Paria Farzaneh Headshot

Iranian Artist Spotlight – Paria Farzaneh

Paria Farzaneh: Fashion Designer (more…)

A Brief History – Flatweave Carpets

Whether you have just fallen in love with Persian carpets or are a long-time collector, flatweave carpets tend to receive less attention than their piled counterparts. In this week’s blog,...
Antique Farahan Carpet - overall photo

Antique Spotlight – Farahan

This week’s Antique Spotlight features an exceptional Antique Farahan carpet from Orley Shabahang’s Antique Collection. We invite you to enjoy its inspirational beauty as we dive right into this Farahan's...
Transitional Bidjar from Orley Shabahang - Overall Photo

Inspiration Everywhere – Transitional Bidjar

Considering most Inspiration Everywhere blogs showcase a fine contemporary carpet, it is time to switch gears and pay homage to the classic Bidjar design. This week, we will cover this warm transitional...

Iranian Artist Spotlight – Siah Armajani

Siah Armajani: Architect and Conceptual Artist Written Iran, circa 2016 (more…)
A row of women weaving at a loom

Food of Life: A Persian Mother’s Day Brunch

Orley Shabahang's masterpieces are made possible by our female artisans. As the backbone of our operation, our weavers follow the traditions passed on to them by their mothers both at...
Bakhtiari Family Photo black and white film

A Brief History – The Bakhtiari

With their iconic bright and bold colors, Bakhtiari carpets make up an important pillar of Persian carpets. In this edition of A Brief History, we highlight the Bakhtiari tribe and discuss their...
Antique Persian Neriz carpet from the Qashqai tribe - overall Photo

Antique Spotlight – Persian Qashqai Neriz Carpet

In this week’s Antique Spotlight, we will be reviewing a Persian Neriz carpet from the Qashqai region. This unique piece dates to the 1880s and exhibits stunningly intricate details for...