Old World Ideals

For all their beauty and value, Persian carpets are still textiles. Therefore the organic fibers and natural colors can deteriorate over time without proper care. To forestall this, preventative measures such as restoration, cleaning, repair and proper padding are strongly recommended. We are proud to offer the finest in Persian carpet cleaning, repair, preservation, restoration and reconstruction services. We provide an alternative to the new world’s mantra of “faster and cheaper” by retaining our old world ideals and methods.


At Orley Shabahang, all washing is done by hand. This means that each carpet is washed without the aid of an automated machine. A machine can loosen the knots that hold the carpet together, additionally, harsh cleaning agents can draw out the natural oils of the wool; these oils are essential for resisting dirt and spills from penetrating the wool strand.

Cleaning Procedure

Our cleaning procedure begins with a complete and thorough beating, in order to remove every bit of loose dust and dirt. If this is not done properly, the cleaning would only grind the dirt in deeper. At this time, particular stains and spots will be treated with enzymatic or other gentle products. We may work for several days on these delicate areas before moving on to clean the entire rug.

Your rug will be well washed (but not immersed) with water that is neither too hot nor too cold and a special soap of all natural and biodegradable ingredients. Unlike most of the companies today, we use this product because it contains lanolin, so that it reconditions as it cleans. This will protect and seal your treasure in order to keep it from becoming dry, brittle and more susceptible to spills or stains. If, however, you have allowed your rug to dry out, we offer a special reconditioning bath. After the rug is rinsed, it is laid flat to dry.

If it has been in contact with animal feces or mold, we may wash it several times and let it lay for days in the sun. Each rug is given the respect and individual attention it deserves. At this time, this level of service is typically reserved for current customers.


Under normal wear and tear, an Orley Shabahang carpet will last generations without the need for repair. However, rips, tears, and the wearing of certain areas do occur.

Restoration Process

The process of restoration begins with a careful study of each method of which the particular rug was made: type of weave, technique, density of knots, quality of the material and color. It is essential that all these elements are taken into account and to work in a manner completely consistent with them. We employ certified weavers who are capable of reweaving the affects areas, thus integrating the rewoven area into the carpet. From the most minor of tasks, such as overcasting the fringe or binding the sides, up to major reconstruction of deteriorated or missing elements, they will take the same care and attention that the original weavers applied to it.


Schedule A Meeting

Deciding on the perfect carpet for your home should be as easy as possible, and we would love to assist you in finding the time to truly experience the carpet options available. Set up an appointment to view carpets directly in our showroom or via a virtual video showing, and make it even easier to find the perfect Orley Shabahang carpet.