Posted on: June 11, 2018

Antique Spotlight!

This breathtaking Persian Sultanabad, 8’4″ x 10’1″, originated from the Meyghan village in the Farahan region of present day Iran. Thanks to the level of craftsmanship that went into constructing this rug in the 1870’s, it is still in excellent condition almost 150 years later.

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Posted on: May 7, 2018

ICFF 2018

ICFF is just around the corner! Orley Shabahang is thrilled to be showcasing their one-of-a-kind carpets alongside so many reputable dealers. If you are visiting the fair, come say hello to our team at booth 2821.

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Posted on: December 25, 2017

Happy Holidays!

We at Orley Shabahang want to wish all of you a happy holiday season! We hope you had a wonderful 2017 and look forward to seeing you all in 2018!


Posted on: May 22, 2017

ICFF 2017

ICFF features what’s best and what’s next in contemporary design, luxury interiors and high end furniture. Extraordinary styles by top international furniture brands and emerging new talent highlight unique furnishings, seating, wall covering, carpeting, accessories, lighting, kitchen, bath, outdoor furniture and more. Visit us at booth 2633!


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Posted on: April 24, 2017

Village Versus City Carpets

There are a lot of beautiful similarities between antique city and village carpets. They’re both technically and visually impressive works of art that have stood the test of time, however it’s their differences that make them so interesting. Here’s a closer look at what makes each of these types of carpets so incredible.

bibibaft haji-detail

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Posted on: April 17, 2017

The Meaning of Color

Similar to a painting, each traditional Persian carpet has a unique story to tell. The story is interpreted through the design motifs, as well as the colors that the weaver uses to paint her picture. Continue reading to learn the symbolic meaning behind the colors found in this ancient handicraft!

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Posted on: April 10, 2017

All Natural Dyes

At Orley Shabahang, we work hard to carry on the weaving traditions of Iran. Not only do we hand-spin all of our wool and weave our carpets entirely by hand, we use only all natural raw materials to dye our wool. Here’s a look into where each color is derived from!


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Posted on: March 27, 2017

Happy Nowruz!

As Orley Shabahang owes the artistry of its rugs to the traditional handicrafts of the Persian culture, we wanted to share some other Persian traditions that have endured generations. Ring in the Persian New Year by reading about the customs of this thirteen-day celebration that begins on the first day of spring!


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Posted on: March 13, 2017

DIFFA Dining By Design

DIFFA: Design Industries Foundation Fighting AIDS raises awareness and grants funds to organizations that provide treatment, direct care services, preventive education programs and advocacy for individuals impacted by HIV/AIDS. Held annually in March, DIFFA invites local and international designers to transform a raw space into a showcase of over-the-top dining environments for its annual fundraiser for HIV/AIDS—DINING BY DESIGN. We’re so excited to be collaborating this year on a table with Poltrona Frau designed by Benjamin Noriega-Ortiz also featuring LASVIT Lighting.


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Posted on: October 17, 2016

Weaving Like the Bakhtiari

The motifs found in the carpets of the pastoral nomadic Bakhtiari tribe are inspired by the sights and sounds of those who wove them. Through this prized handicraft, the Bakhtiari have made their name synonymous with designs of plants and animals that are stylized in a totally unique and beautiful way.


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Posted on: September 6, 2016

Creating Carpets Using Ancient Techniques

Orley Shabahang is excited to host the latest Hajji Baba Club event. This event will be open to the public! Join us this Saturday, September 11th, from 4pm to 6pm at the Orley Shabahang Gallery to learn about the ancient craft of Persian carpet making. Co-founder Bahram Shabahang will discuss the entire process, from the sheep to the finished product. Examples of Persian rugs both antique and our own new creations will be presented for you to see!


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Posted on: July 18, 2016

Orley Shabahang Flatweaves

Flatweave Pure Wool Handwoven Carpet Interweave

At Orley Shabahang, we are well-known for our pile carpets because the wool from our Persian Fat-Tailed Sheep gives the carpets such a softness and sheen, but Orley Shabahang also creates exceptional flatweaves. Also handwoven by artisan weavers, our flatweaves use those same high-quality raw materials and that hand spinning process provides the wool with extraordinary strength. …Read full post.

Posted on: July 11, 2016

Summer and Carpet Cleaning Tricks

Carpet Cleaning Tricks Contemporary Carpets Summer

Summer is a time for beaches, friends, and barbecues and warm sunshine coming in through your windows can make your carpets look even more amazing. With this busy time of year you may also have concerns about keeping your carpet clean, but rest assured that we have the answers so you can focus on summer relaxation.

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Posted on: June 20, 2016

Inspiration Everywhere

All art starts with inspiration, and that’s no different for our rugs. Each of our pieces is a unique work of functional art with its own inspiration and history. Some of the inspiration is a little more abstract, where as others like our mosaic rugs are a more literal homage.


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Posted on: May 16, 2016

Hand Spun Wool

In order to make the highest quality carpet, you have to start first with the best raw materials. For us, that starts with wool. Orley Shabahang uses Persian fat-tailed sheep (which you can read about here). These sheep have been bred for centuries specifically for carpet making due to the high quality of the wool that comes from these sheep. The quality of this raw wool needs to be maintained, which is why all of our wool is hand spun.


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Posted on: April 15, 2016

The Galaxy Collection

All art starts with inspiration. Our co-owner and designer Bahram Shabahang uses inspiration from life all around him to create the stunning and unique designs you see in all of our carpets. Our Galaxy collection is no different. Named after its inspiration, here’s a closer look into one of our favorite collections of carpets.


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Posted on: February 26, 2016

Orley Shabahang Sponsors Constantinople – Paths to the Summit

Orley Shabahang is proud to be a corporate sponsor for this very special concert that will occur on the Eve of the Persian New Year, Saturday, March 19th, 2016. We are please to offer you discounted tickets! Simply click here, order up to 2 tickets on Tier 3, enter SHABAHANG in the discount code box at the checkout, and click APPLY to receive a 50% discount. This code is valid through March 14th, 2016, but seating is limited so order early and enjoy the concert!


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Posted on: June 7, 2015

Reviving a Lost Art

Throughout our past 40 years of business in the United States, Orley Shabahang Persian Carpets has worked to uphold its distinguished reputation. It is known among discerning customers and collectors that Orley Shabahang has the most comprehensive selection and highest grade of artistic carpets in the country. Our distinction derives from the impassioned work of Bahram Shabahang, whose unabashed love for Persian carpets may be traced back through to the very beginning of his family. …Read full post.