5 Reasons why Persian Carpets are Perfect for Winter

With winter in full swing, Persian carpet connoisseurs continue to kick their feet up comfortably on their curated carpet collections. Aside from their looks, discover the top 5 reasons why Persian carpets are perfect for winter!

5. Comfort

Stretch out on a fine Persian carpet and you can feel the first reason that Persian carpets are perfect for winter. Persian carpet owners will attest that there is nothing better than walking across your Persian rug during a cold winter morning. The soft plush pile from hand-spun Persian wool is extraordinary, and once you try it, you will never go back! 

4. Functionality

For the folks in the back, Persian carpets are intended to be used! Do not let their beauty fool you, true Persian rugs are crafted to withstand the wear and tear of everyday life. Their durability comes from their hand-knotted weave, which produces a plush pile and durable foundation. Additionally, the weave does not require toxic adhesives or latex, allowing the carpet to be pliable. The pliability and flexibility of the hand-knotted weave are more durable than machine-made, looped, or tufted carpets. 

3. Cleaning & Maintenance

By far, wool is the best natural fiber for carpet weaving. This is due to its durability, fade resistance, and low maintenance. The durability of the yarn comes from the lanolin, a natural oil sheep produce that repels foreign materials from the sheep, locked inside the wool fibers. This lanolin is retained even after being shorn, spun, dyed, washed, and dried. This lanolin allows Persian carpets to be low-maintenance by enabling the carpets to naturally resist staining.

2. Insulation

Used in sweaters, hats, and carpets, wool is known for insulating abilities. The Gabbeh tribe utilized this characteristic when crafting their renowned pieces by leaving their pile longer than other traditional carpets. Located in the southwest region of Iran, the Gabbeh tribe needed carpets functional for their mountainous terrain. The relatively high pile highlights these heat-retaining attributes of the wool, while also providing additional plushness.


1. Peace of Mind

Finally, the most important reason why Persian carpets are perfect for winter is for the peace and joy that they will bring you. During the long, dreary, cold months of winter, your interior should feel comfortable and provide you peace of mind. How you may ask? To start, owning a real Persian carpet brings peace of mind due to its functionality, comfort, and insulation. Additionally, loving how your space looks will bring you peace of mind. In addition to these practical reasons, a true Persian rug will transform your room’s atmosphere by bringing in color and texture and helping to create the ideal living space of your dreams. 

Regardless of your interior’s size, color, or decor, incorporating a real Persian carpet makes all the difference. Whether your style is modern or rustic, classic or midcentury modern, a Persian carpet that can elevate your space awaits you at Orley Shabahang. See our online catalog via our website or take a look at our digital showroom on 1stdibs.com.