In the Press: Jeremiah Brent Manhattan Apartment in Architectural Digest

Featured in an exclusive on the Architectural Digest website, Orley Shabahang carpets featured in this luxury project by the premier design firm, Jeremiah Brent Design.

In a building constructed on the Upper East Side in Manhattan in the 1920s, this 2,600 square foot apartment required a bit of an update, while retaining its high standards of elegance. True to form, Jeremiah Brent Design executed a design style that retained a clean look with occasional blasts of bold art pieces and decor. Key to this were multiple examples of Orley Shabahang’s hand-knotted carpets with stunning contemporary designs, such as this oversized example of the Empire State design from the Orley Shabahang Architectural collection.

Adorned with compelling Deco-inspired pieces, Empire State provides subtlety to the otherwise bold dining space. The undyed and neutral tones of the hand-knotted weave complement the striking interior without overpowering the decor.   

In the kitchen and master bathroom, additional Orley Shabahang carpets lend their elegant design and classic construction to refining their respective space. Suiting the other contrasting light and dark tones in the kitchen, a Mesh runner from the Orley Shabahang Architectural collection in light cream and black helps to define the space. Peering through into the master bedroom, the calming taupe background of a Rain carpet beneath the bed suits the space while also contributing its statement to the space.

While Orley Shabahang’s production creates art pieces, admired in their own right, it is in their application in beautiful spaces such as this that allows the carpets to shine. To view the entire project on the Architectural Digest website, please visit this link: Jeremiah Brent Brings Worldly Flair to This Manhattan Apartment. To see more of Jeremiah Brent’s bold and elegant interiors, visit their site: Jeremiah Brent Design. And to see more beautiful interiors featuring Orley Shabahang rugs, and other stories about the fine rugs created by Orley Shabahang, visit our Press page.