A Brief History – Gabbeh Carpets

Gabbeh carpets can be identified by their durable and plush pile, and their distinctive, fanciful designs. But Gabbeh carpets are more versatile and functional than people realize. Continue reading to discover some of what makes Gabbeh carpets truly special.

Persian Loristan Gabbeh Rug – 4’9″ x 7’5″

Identified by their thick pile and bright tones, Gabbeh carpets are some of the most fun and functional handmade rugs that can be found. Gabbeh patterns vary between where they were woven, and are typically crafted by the Qashqai, Lurs, Kurd, and Bakhtiari tribes. Created to be utilized in Iran’s Zagros mountain range, the terrain requires carpets to need more insulation and padding. This extra-thick pile restricts the detail in each motif and thus required more unconventional designs compared to classic Persian carpets. Unlike traditional Persian designs that generally depict a floral garden scene, Gabbeh carpets usually showcase a stylized view of the weaver’s surroundings.

Tribal Persian Kashkouli Carpet – 2’10” x 4’6”

The more playful Gabbeh design is a simplified version of the weaver’s surroundings from an overhead view. A perfect example of this design is this 3′ x 5′ Gabbeh Carpet. Its repetitive rectangular pattern depicts individual plots of land that surround the weaver. The artisan’s attention to detail provided us with colorful and playful motifs that sit inside each square, representing the plot’s purpose. These motifs include crops, people, sheep, dogs, and trees, all done in colorful, organic shades of wool. This charming carpet would be ideal for an entryway rug or even a bedroom carpet.

Tree of Life Tribal Gabbeh Carpet – 2’8” x 3’10”

The more classic and traditional Gabbeh design represents the weaver’s actual point of view. Praised for their creativity and realism, these Gabbeh patterns are classic and the finest versions are typically vintage, making excellent examples harder to find on the open market.  The weaver expertly utilizes perspective to create a simplified design in three-dimensional space. An excellent example of this design is our 3’ x 4’ Tree of Life Gabbeh carpet. The carpet depicts the land overlooking a herd of sheep, a large tree, and a mountain range in the background. We particularly love the mountain range peeping through the foliage and sweeping gold lines that additionally depict the space between the tree and mountain range.

Antique Persian Gabbeh Carpet – 3’8″ x 5’5″

Regardless of which variation of Gabbeh you prefer, these carpets are perfect for first-time carpet owners. Not only are they durable, but they are also as functional as they are beautiful. Check out Orley Shabahang’s 1stDibs catalog to see some of our finest Gabbeh carpets. Curious about seeing additional inventory? Schedule an appointment directly through our website at https://orleyshabahang.com/schedule-an-appointment/.