Staff Pick – Rain No. 2

With hundreds of one-of-a-kind creations in our inventory, this week’s blog features Rain No. 2, one of Orley Shabahang’s most versatile designs. Woven with traditional Persian techniques that were that status quo centuries ago, continue reading to discover the inspiration behind our famous Rain No. 2 design and how anyone could implement this style of the area rug into their home. 

Gray and Cream Rain Carpet overall photo

Measuring 8’ x 10’4,” this grey and cream carpet is hand-knotted and belongs to the Orley Shabahang Rain Collection. Woven like vintage Persian carpets, Rain No. 2 utilizes a traditional hand-knotted weave to produce its luxuriously soft pile. Wool, shorn from Orley Shabahang’s very own Persian fat-tailed sheep, has been hand-spun and organically dyed. This weave is incredibly durable and easy to clean. Though the hand-knotted weave is more time-intensive, this process overall creates the most beautiful, functional, and luxurious carpets produced today. 

Gray and Cream Rain Carpet detail photo 2

Like most of our designs, owner and lead designer, Bahram Shabahang, pulls inspiration from nature and his experiences. For this design, Bahram was intrigued by the different forms of precipitation, and the shapes it takes when it falls from the sky. In various patterns, Bahram interprets falling sheets of rain, snow, sleet, hail and remixes their familiar shapes in oscillating and harmonious designs. Up close, the pattern is intricate and incredibly detailed, but when placed in your space, the design relaxes and truly pulls a room together. 

Gray and Cream Rain Carpet detail photo 1

What makes this Rain No. 2 carpet so versatile is that any on-looker can envision exactly where this piece would go in their home. The cool grey and neutral cream contrast perfectly, and it does not take away from the overall subdued design. This pattern allows the color, décor, and style of the room to be the focal point, and not the carpet itself.  Therefore, any interior style from a chic city pied-à-terre to a modern midwestern ranch, Rain No. 2 will make a fantastic addition to any home style. 

Gray and Cream Rain Carpet backside photo

Though this cream and grey version of Rain No. 2 is perfectly minimalist, this colorway is not always the best for every space. That is why we have created this design in many different sizes, colors, and weaves. Check out our website to see other options from our Rain Series or check out our minimalist collection to see similar elegantly simple designs. To see more choices from our Rain collection, other contemporary designs from our inventory, or a sampling of some of our fine antiques, check out our 1stDibs digital showroom any time.