Antique Spotlight – Farahan

Antique Farahan Carpet - overall photo

This week’s Antique Spotlight features an exceptional Antique Farahan carpet from Orley Shabahang’s Antique Collection. We invite you to enjoy its inspirational beauty as we dive right into this Farahan’s origin, design, and symbolism of this special piece of history.

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Inspiration Everywhere – Transitional Bidjar

Transitional Bidjar from Orley Shabahang - Overall Photo

Considering most Inspiration Everywhere blogs showcase a fine contemporary carpet, it is time to switch gears and pay homage to the classic Bidjar design. This week, we will cover this warm transitional Bidjar carpet. Continue reading to discover more about this unique carpet’s design, symbolism, and incredible construction.

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Food of Life: A Persian Mother’s Day Brunch

A row of women weaving at a loom

Orley Shabahang’s masterpieces are made possible by our female artisans. As the backbone of our operation, our weavers follow the traditions passed on to them by their mothers both at their looms as well as in their kitchens. Switch up your Mother’s Day brunch menu this year with some classic Persian recipes.

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