Why is Padding So Important?

Padding from Orley Shabahang

Do you ever wonder why carpet stores always suggest purchasing a pad for your carpet? No, it’s not to upsell you. It’s because the correct padding is necessary to protect your carpet from everyday wear and tear. Continue reading to learn more about what padding is available and which pad is perfect for you!

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Antique Spotlight – Persian Bidjar Carpet

Known for their durability, functionality, and irresistible designs, this week’s Antique Spotlight features a Bidjar carpet from the Kurdistan region of Iran. Continue reading to discover what makes Bidjar carpets so irresistible and what makes this example so unique!

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Staff Pick – Rain No. 2

Gray and Cream Rain Carpet overall photo

With hundreds of one-of-a-kind creations in our inventory, this week’s blog features Rain No. 2, one of Orley Shabahang’s most versatile designs. Woven with traditional Persian techniques that were that status quo centuries ago, continue reading to discover the inspiration behind our famous Rain No. 2 design and how anyone could implement this style of the area rug into…

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Hand-knotted Carpet Cleaning Tutorial

Even though high-quality hand-knotted carpets are functional and easy to take care of, accidents do happen. What are you to do if your carpet is in crisis and needs emergency spot cleaning? Continue reading to learn a standard protocol of what you should do after your next carpet accident. Take a deep breath! Having any…

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Staff Pick – Leopardess

The true creativity of Persian artisans and master weavers is the driving force behind many of our collections here at Orley Shabahang. Ancient Persian designs, in particular, have long inspired our work, as is the case with the Orley Shabahang Animal Collection. When reimagining this genre, the goal is to capture the essence and history…

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