How to Identify Hand-made Carpets

We frequently hear questions along the lines of: “How can I be sure of the quality of a hand-made carpet? Is this carpet even hand-made?” These are exactly the questions you should be asking, and we have a few different things to look out for when shopping for your next carpet! Continue reading to discover…

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Staff Pick – Karim Khan Zand Antique Carpet

Karim Khan Zand Carpet super up-close photo

Within human history, there are only a few times where emperors were honored for their peace and prosperity rather than their battles and tribulations. In this week’s “Staff Pick,” immerse yourself in this carpet’s vintage golden pile, and discover more about the mid-18th century ruler, Karim Khan Zand, and what went into this fabulous carpet’s…

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Antique Spotlight – Indigo Malayer Carpet

Antique Malayer Carpet Overall Photo

Of numerous villages located in the Hamadan province, the city of Malayer is amongst the most notable. As can be found throughout the rest of the Hamadan region, Malayer is known for its fine carpets. This week’s Antique Spotlight features one of the finest examples from the Malayer tribe thanks to the Orley Shabahang Antique…

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A Brief History –Ghashghai Tribal Carpets


With ten active tribes total still weaving traditional hand-knotted Persian carpets, there is no surprise that their classification generally comes from the tribe or village that crafted them. Ghashghai rugs (other common spellings are Kasghi, Gaschgai, or Qashqai) are some of the most prevalent Persian carpets available for purchase. Find out why Ghashghai carpets continue…

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