Inspiration Everywhere – Riverbed

Riverbed Overall Carpet Photo

When it comes to the Orley Shabahang exclusive designs, our Architectural collection has some of the most intriguing and noteworthy patterned carpets. These pieces are interesting because they inspire us to rethink how architectural and geometric designs are used. In this issue of Inspiration Everywhere, we are showcasing one of our favorite Architectural pieces, titled “Riverbed.” Continue reading to unearth the fabulous craftsmanship that went into this carpet and the influence behind its structural and circular design. 

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The Paisley

The Paisley Shawl example photo

Prevalent in many cultures and designs, the paisley is one of the most recognizable patterns utilized today. With ancient roots dating back to 200 BC, re-discover the origins of the Paisley motif, how it obtained its name, and its symbology within Persian carpets.

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Antique Spotlight – Qashqai Bridal Horse Blanket

Here at Orley Shabahang, our inventory is vast and includes multiple styles of Persian textiles, some of which are exceptionally rare. In today’s Antique Spotlight, we will be examining this special Persian Qashqai Bridal Horse Blanket. Continue reading to discover more about Bridal horse carpets, their craftsmanship, and the symbolism behind these textiles. Living in…

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Staff Pick – Vintage Gabbeh Carpet

World-renowned for our modern and contemporary carpet collections, all too often, the smaller and more tribal-styled carpets go unnoticed. In this week’s Staff Pick, we will discuss a smaller vintage Gabbeh carpet and re-discover more about the Gabbeh tribe, the carpet’s construction, and the overall carpet design. 

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