A Brief History – Haji Jalili Carpets

Antique Haji Jalili Carpet side border detail photo up close center medallion detail photo

Renowned for their divine design and quality, Haji Jalili carpets are among the most sought-after Persian antiques. Why are they so special? What about these carpets makes them superior to carpets made in neighboring areas, such as Tabriz or Kashan? Continue reading this week’s A Brief History to unravel their history and what distinguishes them from other…

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Antique Spotlight – Qashqai Persian Carpet Featuring King Bahram and the Lion

3' x 5' Persian Qashqai Carpet Featuring King Bahram vs. The Lion Overall Photo

Storytelling has long been a sacred pastime, passed down from generation to generation. Within Persian culture, storytelling is common amongst textiles, especially within Persian carpets. In this week’s Antique Spotlight, read to uncover more about this particular Qashqai carpet’s construction and the importance of its design regarding the story of King Bahram and the Lion. 

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Staff Pick – Antique Persian Bakshaish Carpet

Antique Persian Bakshaish carpet interior field detail photo

With thousands of hand-knotted carpets in our inventory, you never know what jewels may be waiting within the collection. When it comes to antique carpets, many may not consider them due to common misconceptions, such as concerns over durability, design, and cleaning. If we had a chance to prove these customers wrong, we would show…

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