Inspiration Everywhere – Framed Garden

Framed Garden – 10’0” x 14’3” – Art Nouveau Carpet from Orley Shabahang - overall photo

Bridging the gap between Art -Nouveau and the beloved traditional and transitional design elements of Bakhtiari carpets, this week’s “Inspiration Everywhere” features Framed Garden from the Orley Shabahang’s Art Nouveau collection. Continue reading to learn more about Framed Garden’s design, transitional Bakhtiari elements, and hand-knotted construction.  Measuring 10’0” x 14’3”, this hand-knotted Orley Shabahang carpet belongs to…

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A Brief History – Flatweave Carpets

Whether you have just fallen in love with Persian carpets or are a long-time collector, flatweave carpets tend to receive less attention than their piled counterparts. In this week’s blog, we will be learning about the various styles of flatweaves and their unique characteristics. 

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Antique Spotlight – Farahan

Antique Farahan Carpet - overall photo

This week’s Antique Spotlight features an exceptional Antique Farahan carpet from Orley Shabahang’s Antique Collection. We invite you to enjoy its inspirational beauty as we dive right into this Farahan’s origin, design, and symbolism of this special piece of history.

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Inspiration Everywhere – Transitional Bidjar

Transitional Bidjar from Orley Shabahang - Overall Photo

Considering most Inspiration Everywhere blogs showcase a fine contemporary carpet, it is time to switch gears and pay homage to the classic Bidjar design. This week, we will cover this warm transitional Bidjar carpet. Continue reading to discover more about this unique carpet’s design, symbolism, and incredible construction.

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A Brief History – The Bakhtiari

Bakhtiari Family Photo black and white film

With their iconic bright and bold colors, Bakhtiari carpets make up an important pillar of Persian carpets. In this edition of A Brief History, we highlight the Bakhtiari tribe and discuss their history and the exceptional rugs they create. 

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Antique Spotlight – Persian Qashqai Neriz Carpet

Antique Persian Neriz carpet from the Qashqai tribe - overall Photo

In this week’s Antique Spotlight, we will be reviewing a Persian Neriz carpet from the Qashqai region. This unique piece dates to the 1880s and exhibits stunningly intricate details for its provenance. Continue reading to learn about its hand-knotted construction, its symbolism, and what makes this Qashqai unique compared to other rugs of this region.

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Staff Pick – Strata

Strata – Architectural Modern Persian Carpet – Gray-Brown, Cream Wool - overall Photo

When introducing new customers to our incredible collection of carpets, our Architectural collection constantly catches the eye. In this week’s Staff Pick, we will be examining Strata. Intriguing audiences with its large-scale architectural design, keep reading to discover the process of creating this unique piece, the inspiration for its design, and a detailed description of its composition.

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Inspiration Everywhere – Hunting Scene

Cream and Black Modern Hunting Scene Carpet Photo

When looking for inspiration for his modern carpet designs, owner and lead designer Bahram Shabahang discovers the ideas for his carpet designs all around him. Dive into this week’s “Inspiration Everywhere” to learn more about our chic but playful wool and silk carpet, titled Hunting Scene, and the inspiration that led to its creation. 

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A Brief History – Haji Jalili Carpets

Antique Haji Jalili Carpet side border detail photo up close center medallion detail photo

Renowned for their divine design and quality, Haji Jalili carpets are among the most sought-after Persian antiques. Why are they so special? What about these carpets makes them superior to carpets made in neighboring areas, such as Tabriz or Kashan? Continue reading this week’s A Brief History to unravel their history and what distinguishes them from other…

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Antique Spotlight – Qashqai Persian Carpet Featuring King Bahram and the Lion

3' x 5' Persian Qashqai Carpet Featuring King Bahram vs. The Lion Overall Photo

Storytelling has long been a sacred pastime, passed down from generation to generation. Within Persian culture, storytelling is common amongst textiles, especially within Persian carpets. In this week’s Antique Spotlight, read to uncover more about this particular Qashqai carpet’s construction and the importance of its design regarding the story of King Bahram and the Lion. 

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