Staff Pick – Checkers

Checkers Carpet 8'x10' overall photo

With thousands of custom design styles in our repertoire, ranging from abstract to architectural, sometimes our more subdued carpets miss their well-deserved spotlight. This week, we will be featuring this lovely neutral 8’ x 10’ carpet titled Checkers. From its simple, two-toned design to its pure wool pile, continue reading this week’s Staff Pick to learn more about…

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Staff Pick – Persian Haji Jalili Carpet

Whether you are a novice in the world of antique rugs or a seasoned carpet connoisseur, you are likely familiar with the works of master weaver Haji Jalili. World-renowned for their craftsmanship, Haji Jalili carpets convey the signature coloration, designs, and technique of their artist and maker. This week’s Staff Pick showcases one of our most exquisite…

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Inspiration Everywhere: Water Lilies

Water Lilies - Contemporary Wool Carpet 4x6 overall photo

This week’s Inspiration Everywhere dives into the green and cream pile of our Art Deco carpet, titled Water Lilies. Why is Water Lilies one of the premier examples of our Art Deco collection? With its realism-inspired design, continue reading to discover what inspirations went into Water Lilies design and how its realism-inspired design captivates audiences.

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Antique Spotlight – Floral Sarouk Carpet

Antique Sarouk Carpet overall photo

The words “Persian carpet” in casual conversation often evoke nostalgic memories of classic floral motifs in vibrant shades of red and blue. Perhaps you hear the words and think of the treasured family heirloom carpet handed down from generations before. Likely, the rug you are envisioning is more specifically a Sarouk, a quintessential example of…

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