Staff Pick – Persian Haji Jalili Carpet

Whether you are a novice in the world of antique rugs or a seasoned carpet connoisseur, you are likely familiar with the works of master weaver Haji Jalili. World-renowned for their craftsmanship, Haji Jalili carpets convey the signature coloration, designs, and technique of their artist and maker. This week’s Staff Pick showcases one of our most exquisite pieces and original 1870s antique Haji Jalili Tree of Life carpet. Continue reading to discover more about this carpet’s design and composition and what makes this piece so unique. 

This Persian Haji Jalili Tabriz carpet was created circa 1870 and is a fine example from the infamous master artist and weaver Haji Jalili. Measuring 7’7″ x 11’9,” this carpet consists of a cotton warp and weft, hand-knotted wool pile, and organic vegetal dyes. Like other traditional Persian carpets, this Haji Jalili Tabriz depicts a Tree of Life theme, albeit in an innovative design. Two branches of curvilinear trees intertwine with one another. On both sides of the field, mirroring each other, they evoke sentiments of reflection, while the overall patterns evoke the infinity symbol. 

These tree-of-life motifs within Persian carpets resemble the connection between life and earth. It is fitting that looking beyond the two front-facing tree motifs, there lies a flourishing flower garden filled with garlands, Cyprus trees, roses, and stylized peacocks cleverly hidden within the foliage of the trees. We love the abundance of detail throughout the design, so intricate and harmoniously interwoven into the piece. The overall effect of the carpet is calming, yet one could lose themselves in the delicate details of its design. At first glance, the coloration may look simple. However, the complex combination of earth tones is based on the rudimentary rule of seven. There are seven different shades of brown, seven shades of beige, seven of pale green, and so on throughout the pile. It is challenging for a weaver to work with colors that are so similar and yet still able to distinguish among them, especially while working with such fine woolen yarns. This harmonious alternating selection of tones creates a perfectly subdued yet stunning and sophisticated design with an incredible array of neutral tones. 

Antique Persian Haji Jalili Carpet detail photo backside

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