Find it at the Met – Silk Iris

A detailed image of this silk iris textile reveals the ground weft’s neutral diamond design with the lampassed pink, yellow, blue, and white flowers on top of it.

With the Safavid dynasty of Persia came a golden era in politics, science, and art. These rulers saw the importance of collaboration between various fields of study, and as such, they were able to advance on all fronts. This is why the Safavid court was able to produce the finest rugs and textiles the world…

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Food of Life: A Persian Mother’s Day Brunch

A row of women weaving at a loom

Orley Shabahang’s masterpieces are made possible by our female artisans. As the backbone of our operation, our weavers follow the traditions passed on to them by their mothers both at their looms as well as in their kitchens. Switch up your Mother’s Day brunch menu this year with some classic Persian recipes.

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