Inspiration Everywhere – Framed Garden

Framed Garden – 10’0” x 14’3” – Art Nouveau Carpet from Orley Shabahang - overall photo

Bridging the gap between Art -Nouveau and the beloved traditional and transitional design elements of Bakhtiari carpets, this week’s “Inspiration Everywhere” features Framed Garden from the Orley Shabahang’s Art Nouveau collection. Continue reading to learn more about Framed Garden’s design, transitional Bakhtiari elements, and hand-knotted construction.  Measuring 10’0” x 14’3”, this hand-knotted Orley Shabahang carpet belongs to…

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Inspiration Everywhere – Transitional Bidjar

Transitional Bidjar from Orley Shabahang - Overall Photo

Considering most Inspiration Everywhere blogs showcase a fine contemporary carpet, it is time to switch gears and pay homage to the classic Bidjar design. This week, we will cover this warm transitional Bidjar carpet. Continue reading to discover more about this unique carpet’s design, symbolism, and incredible construction.

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Inspiration Everywhere – Hunting Scene

Cream and Black Modern Hunting Scene Carpet Photo

When looking for inspiration for his modern carpet designs, owner and lead designer Bahram Shabahang discovers the ideas for his carpet designs all around him. Dive into this week’s “Inspiration Everywhere” to learn more about our chic but playful wool and silk carpet, titled Hunting Scene, and the inspiration that led to its creation. 

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Inspiration Everywhere – The Map Collection

Orley Shabahang - Map Collection Carpet overall photos

With such a vast collection of fabulous contemporary carpets, it is finally time we look at one of our most impressive and creative carpet series, the Map Collection. With two- and three-dimensional designs within these carpets, continue reading this week’s Inspiration Everywhere to learn about the origin of this collection and the in-depth analysis of San Francisco, South…

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Inspiration Everywhere: Water Lilies

Water Lilies - Contemporary Wool Carpet 4x6 overall photo

This week’s Inspiration Everywhere dives into the green and cream pile of our Art Deco carpet, titled Water Lilies. Why is Water Lilies one of the premier examples of our Art Deco collection? With its realism-inspired design, continue reading to discover what inspirations went into Water Lilies design and how its realism-inspired design captivates audiences.

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Inspiration Everywhere – Labyrinth

With hundreds of custom carpet designs to choose from this week, we want to highlight a versatile yet one-of-a-kind 8’ x 10’ carpet from our Architectural Collection, Labyrinth. Continue reading to learn more about the craftsmanship behind this piece and whose legendary work inspired the design.

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Inspiration Everywhere – Magnolia

Magnolia carpet overall photo

Capturing the gaze of its viewer, this design, titled Magnolia, is one of Orley Shabahang’s premiere examples of their Arts and Crafts carpet collection. Continue reading to discover Magnolia’s inspiration and what makes this piece so captivating.

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