Inspiration Everywhere – Labyrinth

With hundreds of custom carpet designs to choose from this week, we want to highlight a versatile yet one-of-a-kind 8’ x 10’ carpet from our Architectural Collection, Labyrinth. Continue reading to learn more about the craftsmanship behind this piece and whose legendary work inspired the design.

Labyrinth carpet overall photo

In soft and subtle shades of blue-gray, undyed black, tan, and cream wool, Orley Shabahang’s Labyrinth carpet measures 8’ x 10’. Featuring a design of the Architectural collection, Labyrinth embodies the marriage of old-world techniques and new-world design. These techniques distinguish Orley Shabahang’s signature carpets from the rest of the contemporary marketplace. Crafted in Iran, weavers utilized traditional techniques to knot each thread onto the cotton warp and weft foundation. This hand-knotted fabrication produces a luxuriously soft pile, as well as a durable and functional foundation. The weaving process begins with the hand-spinning of all-natural wool from the neck and back of Persian fat-tailed sheep. These parts of the sheep have higher levels of lanolin and serve as a natural stain repellent while also creating the beautiful sheen and luxurious feel of the pile. This hand-spun yarn is then dyed using organic vegetable dyes. This process can sometimes take weeks to achieve the desired colors. Unsurprisingly, these organic dyes are still preferred today for their bright and fade-resistant hues. The yarn is rinsed in natural river water and baked in the sun to set the wool’s patina. The varying shades of yarn are then hand-knotted individually onto the carpet’s foundation. While these processes are incredibly time intensive, these time-honored traditional techniques have been honed over centuries to create the most exquisite rugs in the world today.

Labyrinth carpet interior medallion photo

Owner and lead designer Bahram Shabahang finds inspiration for his designs wherever he goes. Luckily, the inspiration for this design was close to home and derived from the famous works of Frank Lloyd Wright. As a trained architect, Bahram became inspired by Frank Lloyd Wright’s ability to utilize transitional space through geometric design. 

Labyrinth carpet super up-close detail photo

Structural in its design, the pattern, detailed in cream and brown wool, contrasts perfectly with the crisp blue-grey background. The structural designs shown in black almost act as the medallion of the carpet and contrast beautifully with the blue, cream, and tan hues. This carpet suits numerous types of interiors, from the traditional to the ultra-modern. Furthermore, measuring 8’ x 10’, its versatile size makes it the perfect choice for a bedroom, living room, or wherever a medium to large area rug is needed.

Labyrinth carpet backside photo

If Labyrinth piqued your interest, check out to see the entire Architectural Collection, as well as additional variations and sizes available in this design. For more carpets ranging from antique to modern, check out our digital showroom on 1stDibs to see hundreds of different hand-knotted options.