Antique Spotlight – Neutral Leopardess

Neutral Leopardess from Orley Shabahang - overall carpet photo

This week’s Antique Spotlight highlights one of our most cherished tribal Persian carpets, this Neutral Qashqai Leopard carpet. Let’s hunt through this week’s Antique Spotlight and learn more about this Leopard Carpet’s design and its traditional hand-knotted construction. In lush varied neutral hues of cream, tan, and chocolate brown, this tribal carpet measures 6’ x…

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Antique Spotlight – Farahan

Antique Farahan Carpet - overall photo

This week’s Antique Spotlight features an exceptional Antique Farahan carpet from Orley Shabahang’s Antique Collection. We invite you to enjoy its inspirational beauty as we dive right into this Farahan’s origin, design, and symbolism of this special piece of history.

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Antique Spotlight – Floral Sarouk Carpet

Antique Sarouk Carpet overall photo

The words “Persian carpet” in casual conversation often evoke nostalgic memories of classic floral motifs in vibrant shades of red and blue. Perhaps you hear the words and think of the treasured family heirloom carpet handed down from generations before. Likely, the rug you are envisioning is more specifically a Sarouk, a quintessential example of…

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Antique Spotlight – Antique Sofreh Flat Weave Kilim Saddle Blanket

Sofreh Saddle Blanket overall photo

One excellent advantage of shopping with Orley Shabahag is having the chance to peruse our immense collection, which includes contemporary, transitional, and antique Persian carpets that are one-of-a-kind. In this week’s Antique Spotlight blog, we will be examining this antique Kilim flatweave, which features a tribal-styled field and unusual central binding. Keep reading to discover the construction of…

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