Autumn Garden Carpet overall photo

Autumn Garden

Tribal Persian Khotan Carpet face photo

Blooming Khotan

Tribal Persian Khotan Carpet Overall Photo

Blooming Khotan

Boteh Malayer Carpet 3 x 5 overall photo

Boteh Malayer



Modern Khotan carpet 3x5 overall photo

Indigo Khotan

Modern Khotan Carpet 9x12 overall photo

Modern Khotan

Neutral and red geometric carpet overall photo

Neutral and Geometric Ghashghai

Cream and Taupe Minimalist Ghashghai 10 x 14

Neutral and Minimalist Ghashghai

Red and Cream Persepolis carpet Overall Photo


Black and White Persepolis Carpet


Red and Blue Geometric Ghashghai overall photo

Red and Blue Geometric Ghashghai

Tribal Ghashghai Carpet Overall Photo

Tribal Ghashghai

Transitonal Sultanabad overall Photo

Tribal Sultanabad

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