Posted on: June 6, 2016

All Natural Dyes

Orley Shabahang uses only completely organic dyes in our process in order to get the most beautiful color that will last a lifetime.


The dyeing process begins once the wool of the Persian fat tail sheep has been sheared and hand-spun. In addition to using all natural vegetable dyes, Orley Shabahang never uses the quick and common method of pressure dying. Instead, the wool slowly cooks in a warm tub of water and dissolved dye so that the sheep’s lanolin can survive into the final carpet. By using high quality dyes, the color of the wool softens over time, allowing the already exquisite beauty of this handicraft to grow even stronger with time. Additionally, this traditional dyeing process makes the wool more durable.


Once the wool has reached the necessary shade, it is rinsed in a river current and laid under the summer sun for a two month long baking process. These steps create benefits that are essential for the quality and authenticity that Orley Shabahang strives to maintain. Washing the skeins of wool in the river current not only softens the wool, but also helps set the color. Baking the wool in the sun is also essential to ensure the longevity of the color – any fading of the dye will happen here rather than on the floor of your home. Furthermore, the sun helps bring the wool’s lanolin to the surface, increasing the color’s shine and wool’s softness.



Some of the dyes that we use include red madder root for our reds, indigo for our blues, dyer’s weed and pomegranate rind for our yellows, and walnut husk for our browns.