Inspiration Everywhere – The Rose Garden Carpet

Orley Shabahang’s Rose Garden carpet exhibits a delicate and multi-toned floral pattern. Its designer, Shirin Shabahang, took her inspiration from one of her favorite childhood memories. Continue reading to learn more!

Rose Garden, seen here as a 4'x6' handmade Persian carpet, is a floral pattern that consists of red and blue roses that work their way up a vine that overlays pink and red squares.

This brilliant vintage Kurdish Belouchi Persian carpet is as unique as its name suggests. Despite its origin, this rug’s weaving technique, color palette, and patterned motifs speak to a different history. Continue reading to learn more!

Repeating patterns of colorful samovars and birds paint their way across a red field that is enclosed by a multi-banded border.

1920 Feredan Village Bakhtiari Rug