Posted on: May 18, 2021

Why is Padding So Important?

Do you ever wonder why carpet stores always suggest purchasing a pad for your carpet? No, it’s not to upsell you. It’s because the correct padding is necessary to protect your carpet from everyday wear-and-tear. Continue reading to learn more about what padding is available and which pad is perfect for you!

What does a pad do? To begin, the purpose of carpet padding is to prevent the carpet from sliding around or moving when being walked upon or used on a regular basis. This sliding can become an issue when a carpet is in a high-traffic area, and if the wrinkles are left unfixed or flattened, they can be harmful to the carpet’s foundation over time. As such, the padding underneath the carpet provides additional stability to the carpet pile and also helps the rug wear more evenly. Furthermore, a carpet pad causes the carpet to feel plusher and more luxurious, an added benefit to the utilitarian grip they provide.

What types of padding are available? One well known style of padding is Dura-Hold padding, which consists of a compressed recycled wool surface and a surgical rubber bottom. Easily identifiable by this purple rubber backing, Dura-Hold pads are perfect for area carpets on hardwood or tile floors. The rubber side of the pad is placed upon the floor, while the pressed woolen top catches the back of the carpet to firmly hold it in place. This pad provides excellent support and cushion for all types of area carpets and remains our most preferred padding. 

The next pad type is our second most popular padding option, typically utilized in areas with heated floors or antique rugs. For these carpet owners, we recommend our Felt padding. Notably thicker than other pads, felt pads do not have adhesives that will wear over time. Like other pad options, Felt pads have two sides, a soft grey side and a slightly more firm blue side. The blue side should face upwards, in contact with the back of the carpet, while the soft grey side rests upon the floor. Felt pads are perfect for those with thin or antique carpets because they provide the added support and softness needed to keep these pieces functional over time. 

The third most popular padding we provide, known as No-Muv, looks like Felt padding but has one fundamental difference: No-Muv has a stiff ridged top while also featuring a soft, plush felt bottom. No-Muv pads are fundamentally more effective in providing support for carpets on slanted, uneven surfaces, as well as for carpets placed upon wall-to-wall carpeting, particularly flatweave carpets. No-Muv’s rigid top grips the backing of any style of carpet, providing a tighter grip than Felt padding and making it the ideal choice for carpets placed upon uneven or soft flooring. Additionally, the ridged foundation is why we suggest using No-Muv padding for flatweave carpets. Flatweave carpets are durable and functional, yet lack the thickness and weight of piled carpets. No-Muv pads aid flatweaves by holding them in place while simultaneously providing added support for daily use. 

Lastly, for rug owners requiring a pad that provides low clearance for doorways, or padding that will hold long, curving or crooked runner carpets, we suggest our Pure Rubber Mesh padding. Mesh pads are lightweight, easy to install, and maintain position exceptionally well even in high traffic areas. While they lack the added cushion and support of their Felt, No-Muv and Dura-Hold counterparts, they provide the grip necessary to keep a carpet in place and prevent slippage or wrinkling.

If your carpet bunches under your feet, curls at the corners, or has an uneven wear pattern, a carpet pad is often the best solution. In addition to offering the finest hand-knotted carpets available, we also provide custom-cut padding for virtually any size floor covering. To order a custom pad or inquire about your specific padding needs, contact [email protected] via email today.