Posted on: July 28, 2020

Vintage Turkish Kirsehir Carpet

This handmade carpet is named for the city where it was woven in 1920. Kirsehir is a town in central Turkey known for its fabrication of prayer rugs. In many ways, this vintage Turkish Kirsehir carpet fits the typical mold. It is unique, however, in its central medallion design.

This is a vintage Turkish Kirsehir carpet with a central medallion design. It primarily uses naturally dyed yarns of yellow, red, and green with punches of blue.

Following in line with the Kirsehir style, this handwoven rug is knotted with yarns of rich primary colors. The cherry red, sunny yellow, grassy green, and ocean blue work together harmoniously. They create a punchy bright palette that draws its inspiration from the area’s natural surroundings. This particular piece uses natural vegetable dyes unlike other lesser renditions from this area that depend on aniline dyes.

Where this carpet truly shines, however, is its design. During the early 20th century most carpets from this area were prayer rugs. They often had a geometric stepped arch above a rectangular niche decorated with flowers. Here one can see similar floral and geometric motifs but instead of a prayer-niche we have a central medallion. Colorful concentric diamond designs outline a central flower. This whole scene sits within a beautifully striated green field. The contrasting borders frame the field and balance the scale throughout the piece. The decorated selvage of this carpet adds further sophistication and visual interest.

A detailed image of the central medallion of this vintage Turkish Kirsehir carpet shows a geometric flower surrounded by a series of colorful concentric diamond motifs.

Looking for a bit of color in your life? You can find this vintage Turkish Kirsehir carpet on Orley Shabahang’s 1stdibs storefront. It measures 3’7″ x 5’5″ and remains in good condition thanks to its handspun, vegetable dyed wool. And do you know what the best part is? Its geometric design and bright color palette lend themselves well to both traditional and modern furnishings!