Posted on: October 27, 2020

Vintage Balouchi Carpet

Woven by a Balouch tribeswoman in the 1930s, this 3′ x 4’4″ vintage Balouchi carpet remains in excellent condition. Her elegant geometric pattern came about improvisationally within the visual literacy of her community. The amalgamation of these design motifs unite in an intricate and sophisticated execution with an exceptionally fine weave and beautifully balanced colors.

This vintage Balouchi carpet has a framework of crosses and squares filled with geometric floral motifs that are framed by a balanced series of borders. It is predominantly a golden mustard hue with strong red and blue accents.

The pile of this Persian Balouchi carpet is composed of naturally dyed, handspun wool. This ensures that the textile’s colors age splendidly like a patina. Its rich golds and cool reds derive from safflower seed and cochineal respectively. Indigo plants color the dark blue wool. This golden mustard hue is unique to Balouchi rugs. Its color alongside the strong red demonstrates the remnants of the historical Chinese influence from the Mongol era in the thirteenth century.

A detail image of this vintage Balouchi carpet reveals the geometric floral motifs in the carpets field. Crimson, red, orange, and yellow petals sit on a mustard gold background.

These natural dyes enhance the carpet’s all-over geometric design. The field is full of various angular floral motifs. They are given order stylistically by a latticework of crosses and linked squares. Furthermore, the most prominent border design is a form that resembles an important decorative handicraft of the Balouch people. It is a mixture of woven fibers and beads placed at the home’s entrance. The intention is to ward off any bad energy from entering the house. This way the home remains a sacred space filled with good spirits.

This image reveals the geometric forms in the multi banded border of this vintage Balouchi carpet. The colors are predominantly blue and red so that the yellow in the field reveals itself more beautifully.

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