Posted on: May 15, 2017

Venice Design

This year we’re very thrilled to have our carpets in Venice Design, a companion exhibition to the Venice Biennale.


In its second year, Venice Design is an exhibition that focuses on the latest designs from around the world. Comprised of over 50 designers from more than 20 countries, Venice Design seeks to showcase the most impressive and innovate functional designs.


VENICE DESIGN 2017 is a chance for the spectators to see clever, unexpected solutions for the use of space, to build a more conscious relationship with daily surroundings and help to increase the awareness of the extraordinary impact design has on the existence of humans.



This exhibition will be held until November 26th on the ground and first floor of Palazzo Michiel on the Grand Canal in Venice. It is a curated collaboration with about 50 small, independent designers who live and work in Venice. If you’re traveling abroad this summer, stop by and see our carpets showcased alongside other incredibly impressive designs!