Posted on: July 5, 2016

The Versailles Carpet

Produced in partnership with Thomas Riley Studio and designer Chad Jensen, the Versailles carpet is truly one of our most stunning carpets.


This map of Versailles is based on a drawing done in the seventeenth century by Pierre Le Pautre. The carpet is completely hand woven using all natural undyed wool. The detail that can be seen in the carpet is truly a testament to how incredibly talented our weavers are. Only the best weavers in the world can capture this astonishing detail.


Here is a short write up about the entire collection that the incredible carpet is part of:

The Versailles Collection renders homage to one of the world’s greatest treasures.  Paramount to our story was not merely to draw inspiration from Versailles but to somehow help carry its legacy into the future.  We met this challenge with great ambition and eventually discovered our answers in the literal, almost imperceptible, details of Versailles.  Through artful examination we were able to mindfully extract these details, remaining true to form while allowing for interpretation. This perspective ultimately lead us to develop pieces classical in content yet contemporary in form and presentation.

The collection is conveyed through materials and processes worthy of a modern day Versailles, each piece is presented in limited edition, engraved with the edition number, date, and signature of the designer.


Above is our owner and designer Bahram Shabahang standing next to the finished piece on display. You can learn more about Thomas Riley Studio and there amazing work here.