Posted on: April 15, 2016

The Galaxy Collection

All art starts with inspiration. Our co-owner and designer Bahram Shabahang uses inspiration from life all around him to create the stunning and unique designs you see in all of our carpets. Our Galaxy collection is no different. Named after its inspiration, here’s a closer look into one of our favorite collections of carpets.


When you put something under a microscope and magnify it, at a certain point all you see is color. As you look closer, these colors begin to look more and more like a galaxy. These swirls are fractals, and the same designs that appear are the ones you see in outer space.


It’s incredible how you can look closely at the smallest things in the world and they so closely resemble the largest galaxies. The designs in this collection of carpets seek to reflect this phenomenon, to bring together the smallest and largest things in the universe in order to bring something uniquely beautiful to your home.


What makes this collection even more impressive is the spectacular range of naturally dyed colors that move so seamlessly from one to the other. These designs really show off how supremely talented our weavers are. While they are hand-knotting each carpet, these artists have to be able to visualize the colors moving organically through these fractal patterns. It takes exceptional skill to be able to translate such a vast idea into a singular carpet, and yet Bahram and our weavers have been able to create something extraordinary.

View the full collection HERE.