Posted on: July 23, 2018

Summer Color Trends

Out with the monochrome, in with the color! The verdict is clear as interior trends are moving away from muted palettes. Find the colors of Summer 2018 at Orley Shabahang.

Thanks to the color connoisseurs at Pantone,  this week’s blog looks at the Fashion Color Trend report and pulls Orley Shabahang carpets that follow suit.

Embrace, 3’1″ x 5’2″

Little Boy Blue

Blooming Dahlia

Embrace, as seen in the January/February issue of Luxe, is a beautifully balanced design with bold graphics that are filled in with ‘Little Boy Blue’ and ‘Blooming Dahlia.’ The soft blue is derived from a quick dip in indigo, while the soft pink is a mix of red madder root and yellow onion skin. The yellow in the onion skin helps lighten and soften the natural red-orange hue of the red madder root.


Tulips, 8′ x 10′

Chili Oil

An Orley Shabahang original, Tulips is a staple design of the Art Deco collection. Pops of ‘Chili Oil’ can be seen in the circles that are dispersed throughout the field of the design. In order to achieve this deep and rich red with natural vegetable dyes, Orley Shabahang’s dye master has to mix several colors to produce the perfect tone. The red is derived from red madder root; a touch of indigo is added because the blue tint helps cool down the warm red tone of red madder root; walnut husk is also a part of the mix because it darkens the overall color.


Chinese Cinnabar, 5’2″ x 6’10”

Pink Lavender

Chinese Cinnabar is another Art Deco design that uses this season’s trending colors. ‘Pink Lavender’ weaves its way into the alternating circles that make a splash throughout the whole carpet.  This cool-toned pink is a mix of primarily red madder root with a dash of indigo to produce its unique tone.


Canyon Sunrise, 4′ x 6′

Almost Mauve

‘Almost Mauve’ makes an appearance on several triangles in Orley Shabahang’s Canyon Sunrise. Because of the light, barely-there saturation of this color, Orley Shabahang’s dye master has to delicately add the bare minimum of a few different raw materials- red madder root, indigo and yellow onion skin.

To find a carpet that reflects the magnificence of vegetable-dyed wool, visit an Orley Shabahang showroom or retailer, or e-mail us at [email protected]