Posted on: July 11, 2016

Summer and Carpet Cleaning Tricks

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Summer is a time for beaches, friends, and barbecues and warm sunshine coming in through your windows can make your carpets look even more amazing. With this busy time of year you may also have concerns about keeping your carpet clean, but rest assured that we have the answers so you can focus on summer relaxation.

If you have an Orley Shabahang all-natural hand-knotted rug, then you already know how easy it can to clean a high-quality wool carpet, but these carpet cleaning tricks can help clean any area rug. We already mentioned in this earlier blog post some of our carpet cleaning tricks, which were explained in greater detail in this Huffington Post article, and these are some more tricks of the trade to help.


As thrilled as we all are to see the kids getting outside to play and get some exercise, inevitably some dirt will end up tramped in on the rugs. There’s no reason for concern though, and the children can keep playing while your handmade carpet remains pristine.

For dirt, it’s best to make sure it’s dry and then to simply scrape it off, followed by a simple vacuuming. If any remains, use a brush with a tiny bit of a sudsy soap mixture (up to 1 part dish soap and 5 parts water) can be used. As a rule, regular vacuuming should minimize dirt or wear.

Red Wine

Red Wine

With summer comes get-togethers, parties, and shindigs around the house, and with that revelry there are always the inevitable spills. The biggest concern that people present to us at Orley Shabahang when it comes to spills is red wine, but rest assured that if you have a high-quality wool carpet like one of ours that there is nothing to worry about.

Start by blotting the spot to remove any excess moisture, and then rinse through the spot with club soda to neutralize the stain. Use the same soap mixture as mentioned in the instructions for “Dirt” as much as necessary and rinse through the carpet with water to get any excess soap out. Finally, if you used a lot of water, make sure to dry the carpet fully.

Grease and Fat

Barbecues are a great excuse to eat copious quantities of burgers, ribs, brats, hot dogs, or any other meat you can imagine, though it can also lead to some errant grease or fat ending up on your carpet. No worries though, because we have the solutions to keep your carpets looking good.

For fat and grease, the first step is to scrape off whatever can be done using a butter knife. Next, place a layer of a few paper towels or white blotting paper on top of the stain and press down on it with an iron on the lowest heat setting to absorb up the fat. Finally, a mixture of 2 teaspoons soap, 2 tablespoons white vinegar, and 1 pint lukewarm water can be applied to the stain and rinsed out with clean, warm water. Like always, make sure to dry the carpet thoroughly after cleaning. Huffington Post posted a video of this technique of ours, which you can find here.

With worrying about your carpet out of the way, feel free to concentrate on planning vacations, relaxing by the pool and fun in the sun! Have a great rest of your summer from all of us at Orley Shabahang.