Posted on: July 16, 2019

Summer 2019 Color Trends

Summer is here, and this year it is bringing a wave of color! Orley Shabahang has paired its handmade luxury carpets with the color trends palettes created by the experts at Pantone to give you inspiration for your floor.

Orley Shabahang's handmade Creation carpet from the Abstract Collection represents curvilinear lines and shapes in light blue, creams grey, red, pink, and brown.

Here at Orley Shabahang, we dip our handspun wool in organic vegetable dye to achieve our multidimensional tones. We love playing with color, especially in our Abstract collection whose examples are listed this week. See where this summer’s color trends can be found on our luxurious handmade Persian carpets.

Orley Shabahang's handmade Trapeze design is an abstracted pattern of blues, reds, and greens on a cream background.

Taking a page from Orley Shabahang’s Trapeze design, Pantone’s Nature palette embraces the greens, blues, and neutrals of its namesake. The Black Lava and Blueberry Pancake hues are both derived from varying amounts of time in indigo dye. Ancient Grain’s yellow tones, however are derived from a long soak in straw. This abstract carpet is a great option when bringing color into a space. The best part is that its pattern and movement are so well balanced that too much attention is not paid to any single part but rather it keeps the eye moving.

Orley Shabahang's handmade Autumn carpet consists of orange curvilinear shapes filled with light and dark blue circles that sit upon an abrashed grey background.

Pantone’s Joyful palette is filled with punchy jewel tones similar to this particular colorway of Orley Shabahang’s Autumn carpet. It follows color trends with its orange curvilinear shapes in Fall Fantasy that are filled with speckles of Blueberry Pancake. The warm orange tone is created with a mix of red madder root powder and straw, yielding a beautiful striation in the wool. This funky, modern rug will add a bit of flare to any room in your house!

Orley Shabahang's handmade Rings carpet is a series of concentric rings in red, blue, pink, and yellow on a cream background.

Rings is Pantone’s Color Play palette brought to life. Many of its pastel tones such as Little Piglet are punched up with bright, strong hues like iced mango. Similarly to Trapeze, this playful and colorful design keeps the eye moving rather than having attention focused on any one spot. This is just one of the reasons why Rings is suitable for many modern spaces, ranging from a child’s bedroom to the focal point of a living room or den.

To find the color you need in your rug, visit Orley Shabahang’s website or a retailer near you.