Posted on: June 15, 2021

Sublime Carpets Suitable for Summer

For many of us, the Summer season signifies a special time of year when nature is in full bloom and showcases life and color. With Orley Shabahang’s Summer Sale coming to an end on June 15th, now is the time to bring summer’s revival indoors with the perfect Persian carpet. In this week’s blog, we’ll be taking a look at just a few of our carpet designs that shine during the summer months.  


Reflections is a favorite summer carpet for its bright tones and lively design. Available in 4’ x 6 and 10’ x 14’, this piece is available in our signature Cheshmeh weave. This weave features a luxuriously soft and resilient pile as well as a durable foundation. In bright blue, green, gold, and orange tones originate from organic vegetable dyes, bringing the pattern life with their vibrancy and movement across the main field. The design celebrates a specific element located within a traditional Persian flower garden, the water fixture known as the hōz. The cheerful blue waves peacefully flow from one end of the carpet to another, gently aligning with the sandy and plant-filled shore and evoking the warmth of the summer season.

Zebra Fish

Measuring 7’4” x 9’4”, Zebra Fish is a vintage flatweave carpet crafted in Iran circa 1960. Flatweaves differ from other traditional rugs due to their low clearance and lack of a pile and are ideally suited for coastal or coastal-inspired homes. Whether you’re near the beach or simply need an element of texture for your space, flatweave carpets are selected for their legendary durability, the simplicity of their designs, and how easy they are to clean. Our example, Zebra Fish, is perfect for any summer beach home for its simplistic design and neutral colorway. Along with the cream lateral lines, the neutral brown tones in the background all originate from un-dyed, natural shades of wool. And because this piece nearly measures 8’ x 10’, its versatile size and design suit virtually any space and aesthetic. 


Rain No. 1

The last carpet that we will be showcasing is from the Orley Shabahang Rain Collection. Titled Rain No.1, this piece is perfect for summer for its cool blue hues and its intricate pattern. The natural abrash found throughout the carpet is the result of the traditional hand-spinning wool. Also, these striations come from the asymmetric shape of the yarn when it is dyed, and when cut off of the warp and weft, it leaves behind beautiful organic indigo striations. Furthermore, Rain No1.’s repetitive and intricate design is inspired by falling sheets of rain and the motion it takes as it falls from the sky. The summer months only enhance this piece’s vast versatility, as natural light truly brings out the serenity of this design. And because Rain No.1 does not have a central medallion or focal point, this piece will serve as a textural anchor for your space without being the center of attention.

Whatever your summer style, Orley Shabahang’s vibrant and varied collections have something for everyone. To view more of our available designs, please visit one of our showrooms or check out our collections on and our 1st Dibs storefront.