Posted on: September 10, 2018


This week in Staff Picks, the co-director of our New York showroom, Shirin Shabahang, will discuss what makes River Rocks from our Architectural collection one of her favorites.

River Rocks from Orley Shabahang’s Architectural collection is understated in the simplicity of its design and its neutral palette, while simultaneously being one of the most sophisticated carpets in our collection.

River Rocks, Pure Wool, 9′ x 12’4″

Upon a closer look at the pile, you can see the subtle color variation within each section of the design. It is because of this slight variation that the carpet becomes more fluid rather than stagnant, an allusion to the name River Rocks. To achieve this effect requires a lot of skill from the weaver because the gradation of color is within such a close color range that only a trained eye can be sharp enough to discern the minimal difference. This technique requires even more expertise than some of our most vibrant and organic designs like those found in Orley Shabahang’s Galaxy collection.

River Rocks a versatile rug whose subtlety has the ability to elevate any space, traditional or modern. But even beyond that, it is the movement within this carpet draws me in every time.