Posted on: April 16, 2019

Spring 2019 Color Trends

This season’s color trends, as told by the color gurus at the Pantone Color Institute, are bright and cheery. Bring that playfulness to your floor with an Orley Shabahang signature carpet.

Pantone's Living Coral pink color card is next to an Orley Shabahang carpet designed in an Art Nouveau style with watercolor like pink and blue flowers in a sea of green.

Spring is in full swing, and the trending colors this season help remind us of the vibrant hues that summer brings. This week we take a look at Pantone’s Fashion Color Trends Report, and where the season’s picks can be spotted in Orley Shabahang’s original designs. As with all of our signatured rugs, the colors reflected in the handspun yarn were achieved with vegetable-dyed wool.


Pantone's green Pepper Stem and yellow Aspen Gold colors are placed next to an Orley Shabahang Dream Collection carpet composed of abstract dots inspired by Aboriginal Dreamtime paintings.

Mai, a contemporary design from Orley Shabahang’s Dream Collection, animates any space with its brightly toned dots of green and gold. The vivid figures in the carpet create movement across a contrasted neutral charcoal-grey background. This approach to color is what truly modernizes the piece.


An Orley Shabahang rug called Labyrinth is made of asymmetrical, geometric blocks locked together, with each piece comprised of a particular pattern of blue and/or brown.

An asymmetrical design from Orley Shabahang’s architectural collection, Labyrinth can be found in a variety of colorways. This particular piece uses the darkest of blues balanced on an otherwise neutral-toned canvas. To reach this dark shade, our master dyers dip the wool in a clay vat of indigo for the perfected amount of time. While the background is comprised of undyed wool, the Toffee and Eclipse hues are dyed with walnut shell and indigo respectively.


A symmetrical design comprised of soft green, brown, and cream tendrils and coral, brown, and cream, pods.

Earthy tones are the perfect match for this fluid Art Nouveau-inspired design. True Echo uses Pepper Stem green, cream, and brown in its tendrils, while the tropical pink tone Living Coral carries a punch of color throughout the carpet. The colorway and symmetry of the rug create a balanced and relaxing composition.


A tribal design of orange, blue, and yellow trees sits on a light blue background with a dark blue border filled with pink and crimson flowers.

The color palette and symmetry of this tribal design create a soft and surprisingly colorful addition to the room. The two tones of blue are punctuated by trees and branches of Turmeric and Aspen Gold in the light blue field of the rug. This untypical use of color in a traditional design give this Persian carpet an unexpected contemporary twist.