Posted on: September 12, 2016

Kicking off the new Hajji Baba season!

Thank you to the Hajji Baba Club and everyone who came to our great event on Friday evening. It was amazing to hear co-owner and designer Bahram Shabahang talk about the incredible history of Persian carpet making and why he’s chosen to carry on this tradition and art.


The Hajji Baba Club is a renowned textile club in the city and we were so excited to be the host for the first meeting of their new season! Bahram Shabahang lead a talk about the vast and interesting history of Persian carpet making and what makes it so unique and special. Members of the Hajji Baba Club and the public, were able to see examples of antiques ranging from 80 to 130 years old as well as the contemporary and modern pieces we’re creating today.

He discussed everything about the process of how we make our carpets now. He began with discussing our Persian fat-tailed sheep and the high quality of the lanolin rich wool that comes from them. Then we discussed the importance of hand-spinning our wool. Hand-spinning is vital to our process, because the wool isn’t spun in a perfectly straight line as it would be with a machine. This uneven quality makes it so that the dye is accepted asymmetrically giving our carpets the gorgeous natural striation. We then discussed our all natural dyes and the vibrant color achieved with them. Finally we talked about the weaving of the carpets itself and the amazing talent our weavers have to have in order to translate Bahram’s incredible designs into this functional work of art.



We’re so happy to people were able to come see and feel the high quality of our carpets and learn about this ancient craft. Thank you again to the Hajji Club and everyone who was able to make it!