Posted on: August 28, 2017

Our Favorite Summer Colors!

A few of us here at Orley Shabahang have picked a few of our personal favorite colors we saw this summer! Check out these colors and a few of our matchings carpets.


Burnt Orange


This subtle color brings in the warmth in both clothing and home decor. Here are a few of our carpets that contain this beautiful color.


Maze is a great architectural carpet with a tribal feel and a bold use of orange without being overwhelming.


Rain No.1 uses orange in a more subtle way paired with this beautiful grey.

Canary Yellow


Bright and vibrant is always the perfect reflection of summer! Here are just a few carpets that skillfully use this color.


Empire State is normally woven using more neutral tones, however this version really pops with its two shades of blue and fun use of yellow.


Blue Boarders uses this yellow a little more boldly and paired yet again with two stunning blues. A great art deco design for your home!

Jewel Blue

Pantone ProcessBlueU

Blue is a great color for any season, but the brighter tones of this blue really adds an extra pop.


Flutter from our Monarch collection uses this jewel tone blue for it’s abstract design.


Ciclo Fertil uses this blue in its borders as a more vivid blue against the subtle blues and greys in the rest of this abstract design. Making another appearance is our favorite orange!

While we love summer, we can’t wait to see what colors are in this fall!