Posted on: February 26, 2016

Orley Shabahang Sponsors Constantinople – Paths to the Summit

Orley Shabahang is proud to be a corporate sponsor for this very special concert that will occur on the Eve of the Persian New Year, Saturday, March 19th, 2016. We are please to offer you discounted tickets! Simply click here, order up to 2 tickets on Tier 3, enter SHABAHANG in the discount code box at the checkout, and click APPLY to receive a 50% discount. This code is valid through March 14th, 2016, but seating is limited so order early and enjoy the concert!


This program sheds light on an obscure period in Persian history, when large numbers of Iranian musicians migrated to the neighboring Ottoman and Byzantine cultural centers during the Safavid dynasty (1501-1736). With the discovery and decoding of this repertoire, we shall be able to better understand the history of the art music of Iran and to reconstruct the broken bridge between the practices of its glorious past and those of its present.

Learn more about Constantinople here.

The concert begins at 5:00pm and is preceded by theĀ annual 3:00pm silent auction and chocolate reception.

Helene Zelazo Center for the Performing Arts
2419 E Kenwood Blvd
Milwaukee, WI 53211