Posted on: July 18, 2016

Orley Shabahang Flatweaves

Flatweave Pure Wool Handwoven Carpet Interweave

At Orley Shabahang, we are well-known for our pile carpets because the wool from our Persian Fat-Tailed Sheep gives the carpets such a softness and sheen, but Orley Shabahang also creates exceptional flatweaves. Also handwoven by artisan weavers, our flatweaves use those same high-quality raw materials and that hand spinning process provides the wool with extraordinary strength.

Done on the ground like other flatweaves, we have pioneered our own techniques which are different than other flatweaves in the market, and which have been engineered to really showcase the texture of these pieces. Flatweaves usually have a tribal look, but ours are more sophisticated and elegant, which makes them perfect for a country or beach home or working terrifically in an upscale residence alongside modern furniture or antiques.

We have three main flatweave weaves of varying complexity: interweave, doubleweave, and tripleweave. Our interweave style is most well-known for the pattern that can be found in designs such as our KH2702 carpet, which lends a dynamic quality to a static piece, and with undyed wool the carpet takes on a rustic but timeless feel.

Flatweave Undyed Handwoven Interweave Pure Wool Neutrals


In our doubleweave weave, the extra thread through the foundation conveys an added intricacy and further texture to these pieces. One examples can be seen in what we call our “rice paddy” design, inspired by the land in the Qashqai region where our sheep are herded, such as in our KH7587 carpet.

Flatweave Undyed Natural Handwoven Doubleweave Multicolored Neutrals


The most complex of the flatweaves that Orley Shabahang creates is our tripleweave. The final weave creates an almost embroidered look that resembles the appearance of our pile carpets, but with a texture more similar to that of our other flatweaves. Two excellent examples of this design in wool and silk are the F646-7598 and F678-7589 carpets.

Flatweave Triple weave Wool and Silk Handwoven Natural Neutrals Circles


Flatweave Triple weave Wool and Silk Cream White Architectural Handwoven


Whether for work or play, a city apartment or a country estate, there is a flatweave that can work with any space. Try an Orley Shabahang flatweave and you will see and feel the difference in quality used in our beautiful designs.

You can view our entire flatweave collection HERE.