Posted on: November 12, 2019

Orley Shabahang Debuts Tribal Revival Collection

Orley Shabahang is proud to announce the arrival of their newest, and oldest, collection of designs. Tribal Revival presents a compilation of carpets that directly speak to Orley Shabahang’s ethos – the preservation of carpet making techniques from the golden age of Persia.

Several of the carpets from Orley Shabahang's Tribal Revival collection are displaced in a lush green garden.

The golden era of Persia brought wholly handmade carpets to a world-wide market. With the best raw materials ranging from wool to silk, the artisan weavers would always hand-spin the yarn. It was then dyed with local vegetable dyes and hand-knotted into a one-of-a-kind textile. This process ended in the 18th century, strongly correlating with the onset of the Industrial Revolution. Floor coverings were more cheaply produced and sold as new machinery was introduced to the factories and mills in Europe. As a result, the interest in quality handmade rugs and their exportation from Persia declined. Because of this, many Persian manufacturers of handmade rugs began looking for ways to make their rugs more cheaply so that they could maintain their space in the western market. As a result, the integrity of Persian rugs began to decline from this point in history.

The goal at Orley Shabahang has always been to revive the quality techniques that predated the Industrial Revolution. Owner and designer Bahram Shabahang has strived to keep the true art of Persian carpet making alive since he began creating his own collections twenty years ago. This adherence to traditional techniques sets Orley Shabahang apart from the manufacturers in the commercial market. 

The geometric blue and reddish hues of the Tribal Revival collection show vibrantly on a grass field in front of a forest of willow trees.

Within this context, Orley Shabahang’s new Tribal Revival collection recreates designs from northwest Persia while maintaining the same “golden era” techniques and often the same colors as their predecessors. Also known as Caucasian designs, all of the pieces from this collection find their roots in the villages throughout the Tabriz province. This is no accident. Shabahang chose this region because Tabriz, a historically vital city in Persian carpet manufacturing and distribution, was heavily commercialized as a result of the flux in the European market in the 19th century. The original weaves from the golden era were cast aside and replaced with more cost-effect, lower quality alternatives. Tribal Revival brings back the impressive craftsmanship and artistry that was lost to history.

Shirvan Crimson, a carpet from Orley Shabahang's new Tribal Revival collection in rust orange, mustard yellow, cool green, and light blue, depicts two symmetrical geometric flower motifs surrounded by a multi-banded border.

Additionally, the geometric tribal styles offered in the collection have stayed in fashion throughout history. Heriz, Bakhshayesh, and Shirvan designs are often seen in old 17th century portraiture paintings, wood-paneled Art Deco offices, and sunlit mid-century modern living rooms. They lend themselves effortlessly to a myriad of spaces and aesthetics. Orley Shabahang’s Tribal Revival collection follows this tradition, creating versatile carpets for your home that are sure to be the antiques of the future.

To see and feel the brilliance of these Persian carpets in person, visit your local Orley Shabahang retailer. To explore a selection of Orley Shabahang’s impressive collection of contemporary and antique handmade Persian carpets, check out our website or our 1stDibs page