Posted on: August 27, 2018

New On Orley Shabahang’s 1stdibs Storefront

Known for its exceptional curation of all things decor, 1stdibs has long been an excellent platform for Orley Shabahang. Now that they’ve expanded the range of products they offer, so have we! Easily access an ever-growing variety of Orley Shabahang carpets on 1stdibs.

Orley Shabahang has been a proud vendor on 1stdibs since 2012. Initially, the website was used to showcase Orley Shabahang’s distinguished collection of antiques. But as the platform has continued to grow, so too has the selection that we offer through the site. Now you can find a continually expanding inventory that offers Orley Shabahang’s Signature Collection in addition to the already robust inventory of the world’s finest antiques.

Persian Zele Sultan Carpet circa 1900, 4’8″ x 6’9″

Visit Orley Shabahang’s storefront to find exceptional antiques like this Persian Zele Sultan Carpet circa 1900. Translated to “King’s Shadow,” this carpet was commissioned by a prince who governed Isfahan and designed carpets from 1880-1910. The cotton warp and weft foundation, along with the hand-knotted wool pile, was colored with natural vegetable dyes. Still in excellent condition, this piece showcases the Zele Sultan’s unique style and superior craftsmanship. The pattern is highly intricate with vivid reds and deeps blues balanced by a cream background and striking border. This versatile design would look phenomenal in a richly adorned Art Deco New York apartment as well as a minimalist Nordic-styled home.

Persian Qashqai Carpet circa 1900, 5′ x 6’7″

Another beautiful antique on the Orley Shabahang page is this Persian Qashqai Carpet, also woven circa 1900. Consisting of hand-spun wool and hand-made vegetable dyes, this village rug was hand-kotted. The carpet remains in excellent antique condition with rich shades of red, blue, green and navy throughout its double medallion, field and border. Created for personal use, its intricately detailed and balanced geometric design make it truly one-of-a-kind. Stay on trend by pulling together the look of mid-century modern furniture and decor with a geometric and colorful antique.

Kuba by Orley Shabahang, 6′ x 8’11”

Kuba. Interiors by Hadas Dembo, Mise en Scene Design. Photograph by Bruce Buck.

Find an Orley Shabahang favorite, Kuba, on sale now at 1stdibs. Like all Orley Shabahang signature pieces, the wool is derived from our own heard of Persian fat-tail sheep in Fars, Iran. It is then spun by hand using centuries-old techniques to preserve the high lanolin content and tensile strength of its fibers. The pile is hand-knotted, woven by an artisan weaver in her own home. This limited edition Kuba cloth-inspired design from our Architectural collection is an exceptional piece exhibiting a balanced geometric design in undyed wools of bright cream, gray and black.

Synergy by Orley Shabahang, 5′ x 7’1″

Synergy, Interiors by Robert Couturier

Synergy, another favored Orley Shabahang signature carpet, also consists of a hand-spun, hand-knotted wool pile. This carpet, unlike the undyed Kuba, is colored with completely organic vegetable dyes. It was woven in a village near Arak, formerly known as Sultanabad. Orley Shabahang works house to house, village to village with our weavers, to preserve the art of weaving as a cottage industry, and implementing ancient weaving methods to create the antiques of the future. Synergy is one of the finest examples from our limited edition Galaxy Collection, with rich yet soft blues, greens, purples and pinks beautifully balanced throughout the design.

To see the wide array that Orley Shabahang has to offer, visit our 1st Dibs storefront. Your next heirloom is only one click away!