Posted on: January 2, 2017

Music Series

How do you interpret music into a visual design? Co-owner and designer Bahram Shabahang set out for the challenge in our contemporary Music Series.


When designing this collection, Bahram set about capture the feeling of music into a design that would look beautiful in any home. All of the various designs in this limited series seek to capture the emotion of music. The abstract designs depict the movement of sound.


Different line weights, directions, and curves are combined to give a visual of way music makes you feel when listening and the way music sound waves move through space. Through these designs, you can almost here the different sounds music can make.

Color is another way these gorgeous designs depict music. It’s incredible how color can change the feeling of the same design.

f572-4920-web   f572-32881

The carpet on the left pictured above is woven using completely un-dyed wool. The subdued color gives the design a calming and harmonious effect. The carpet on the right is dyed using all natural vegetable dyes. The color moves your eyes in different directions while still having an overall fluid movement.

This limited Music series seeks to depict how two different mediums, music and design, can come together to create stunning works of contemporary art. In this art you can see the movement of sound, you feel the energy that music gives off and how people are inspired by it.


You can view this entire extraordinary collection HERE.