Posted on: June 23, 2018

A Look at Orley Shabahang’s Newest Collection – Shag

It’s official, shag is back! Continue reading to discover the complete Orley Shabahang Shag collection, as seen in last week’s WSJ and this month’s Interior Design.

Our newest collection, the Shag series, is now available to the public! Although the process starts with the same top-of-the-line material, this new collection is far from Orley Shabahang’s signature weave and texture. By increasing the size of the knots and decreasing the length of the final sheer, you will feel like you are walking on a cloud. And to top it all off, the Shag series offers our clients the same heirloom carpets they have become accustomed to at a more cost effective price point.

Maze, 9’3″ x 11’8″


Bogota, 8’9″ x 11’11”


Rooftop, 9′ x 11’11”


Vistas, 8’11” x 12′


Ghashghai, 8’10” x 11’11”


Reverberation, 9′ x 12′


Granada, 8’11” x 11’11”


Bucolic, 8’11” x 12’4″

Our new Shag rugs have been such a hit that the word is spreading. Orley Shabahang’s Vistas carpet was featured in the Wall Street Journal’s Off Duty, making the case that shag has returned to the the design zeitgeist. Additionally, several pieces from the collection were displayed in last month’s Interior Design.

Wall Street Journal – Off Duty, June 2018


Interior Design, May 2018

Come visit any Orley Shabahang showroom or retailer today to feel first hand how magnificent these new really carpets are!