Posted on: November 27, 2017

Iranian Artist Spotlight

Marjane Satrapi: Author and Filmmaker


Marjane Satrapi was born in 1969 in Reshat, Iran. She grew up in Tehran with her engineer father and her mother who was a clothing designer. After the Iranian Revolution of 1979, her family’s Western way of life drew the attention of Iranian authorities, and by 1984 her parents had decided to send her to Austria to attend school. She returned at the age of 19 to study art in Iran.

She eventually earned her masters degree in visual communication and by the mid 90s she was living full-time in Paris.

Between 2000 and 2003, Marjane published the graphic novel Persepolis in 4 parts in France, later published into English in 2 parts.


Persepolis details Satrapi’s life during the war between Iran and Iraq her childhood in Iran. Persepolis 2 depicts her high school years in Vienna, Austria, and her return to Iran where Satrapi attended college, married, and later divorced before moving to France. The novels gained Marjane world recognition.


Persepolis was later turned into a film in 2007 which garnered large critical acclaim earning both the Cannes Jury Award and an Academy Award nomination for Best Animated Feature.


Since the success of Persepolis, she has published several more graphic novels and children books, and directed three more films.

Satrapi currently resides with her husband in Paris, France, where she continues to make art.