Posted on: January 13, 2016

Introducing our new Animal Collection!

We’re very excited to introduce our newest collection, animal rugs! Designed by co-owner Bahram Shabahang, this new collection features a fresh take on a classic Persian design.


In antique Persian carpets, animals are a frequently used motif which served as the inspiration for this collection. When you see animals in Persian designs there is usually a lot of patterning in the foreground and background with colors in bright reds, oranges and blues. In this new collection, Bahram chose to use a more minimal approach. The rugs have neutral backgrounds as well as neutral yet still bold colors, which makes the animal motif work for contemporary spaces.


This new collection features many different animals including lions, panthers, camels, and peacocks, as seen above in bright orange against a deep black background. Some designs feature a modern pattern of the animals, illustrated in the peacock carpet, and others feature solitary animals set against a neutral background.


To see the collection in full click HERE!