Posted on: November 13, 2017

Introducing our Map Series!

We’re so thrilled to finally introduced our Map Series! Based on vintage maps that were all created by hand, these new carpets are truly stunning works of art. Hope you enjoy them as much as we do!

South America, Pure Wool, 10′ x 14′

Having completed his master’s degree in architecture and urban planning, Bahram has always been interested in maps of cities, and in particular the older maps, because they were drawn by hand. As a result of this “human touch,” as he describes it, “there is an irregular and abstract quality to them, and each one is unique.”

Since beginning to design his own rugs almost two decades ago, Bahram hoped to one day be able to create carpets based on such city maps. He first made one for a high-end designer long ago, in the early stages of the Orley Shabahang collection, but he wasn’t satisfied with the outcome. Given the design’s intricate composition, at that point the weavers were not yet trained enough in the technique required to successfully execute such a carpet. He then decided to put the whole idea aside, until four years ago when he was approached by Chad Jensen of Thomas Riley Studios. Chad was familiar with the quality and craftsmanship that defines our products, and wanted to know if Bahram would collaborate with TRS to create a carpet based on a map of the city of Versailles, as part of the studio’s Versailles Collection.


The result was the Versailles Carpet, a gorgeous highly detailed and multi-dimensional piece completed in black, white, and subtly varying shades of gray.

Inspired by this success, Bahram then selected a series of other maps based on their character and movement, which could be executed in a similar colorway. Although this “shading” effect between black and white heightens the level of difficulty in making such a piece, there is a simultaneous intensity and subtly that results in the look and feel of the final product.

Rome, Pure Wool, 12′ x 18′

Ultimately, this is why even though these carpets depict such complex designs, each piece can work in virtually any setting, with almost any other color, as a truly unique and artistic addition to any home design.

Washington D.C., Pure Wool, 9’2″ x 11’10”

What makes Bahram especially proud of this series is that our weavers were truly able to elevate their already remarkable skill level, using only black-gray-white coloration and shading to capture the complex movements and patterns present in these maps.

San Francisco, Pure Wool, 10′ x 14’4″

Each piece is a true unique work of art that is even more unbelievable in person! They are available to view in our New York showroom. You can call or e-mail our showroom for any additional information on each piece.