Posted on: March 30, 2021

Inspiration Everywhere: Water Lilies

This week’s Inspiration Everywhere takes a dive into the green and cream pile of our Art Deco carpet, titled Water Lilies. With a touch of realism, this week’s blog will discuss Water Lilies’ true inspirations, and why this piece is one of the premier examples of our Art Deco collection.

Measuring 4’2” x 6,’ Water Lilies is constructed using Orley Shabahang’s very own Cheshmeh weave, which has a plush pile and a durable foundation. The beautiful blends of green, blue, pink, red, and gold yarn originate from organic vegetable dyes. Traditional Persian weavers still prefer and utilize these dyes for their bright tones and their fade-resistant attributes. The cream foreground tones, however, come from undyed, natural shades of cream wool. The marbling within the design is purposeful and occurs when the weavers utilize the hand-spun yarn. These lines are called striations and are intentionally allowed to permeate the design; they provide additional depth and clarity to the carpet’s motifs.

With most of Orley Shabahang’s designs, owner and lead designer Bahram Shabahang has always been inspired by nature. While on a family vacation in the Florida Everglades, the inspiration for Water Lilies struck Bahram. In particular, he was struck by the beauty of the water lilies and their similarity to traditional Persian flower motifs. Multiple shades of green fill in the circular lily design, while pops of red and blue flowers provide character and life to the pattern. Additional speckles of red, green, and blue wool used in the cream foreground serve to add contrast and clarity. Matching tones with a few of the large lily pads, a thick green border encapsulates the design. 

Overall, due to the carpet’s realistic design and the tranquil scene it depicts, this carpet is incredibly unique. Since this piece measures just over 4′ x 6′, this carpet is perfect for a living room, bedroom, or anywhere a small area rug is needed. If you like Water Lilies or would like to see what else the Orley Shabahang Art Deco collection has to offer, check out our website.