Posted on: November 24, 2020

Inspiration Everywhere – Reflections

From Orley Shabahang’s Art Nouveau collection, the Reflections carpet embodies inspiration from traditional Persian flower gardens. Bahram Shabahang, the artist behind almost all of Orley Shabahang’s designs, applied his modern interpretation to classic Persian motifs to create this fabulous piece. 

Woven in Iran circa 2009, this carpet is hand-knotted and measures 10’2” x 14’. Since Reflections is a hand-knotted carpet, it utilizes traditional Persian weaving techniques. These techniques require hand-spun wool from the fat-tailed sheep that must be dyed with organic vegetable dyes. Once dried and faded in the sun, the yarn is then woven into the carpet, thus eliminating the fading process. This process is tedious, but the carpets produced are rich and are functional, one-of-a-kind, pieces that will last generations.  

When placed on the floor, Reflections provides a tranquil atmosphere that brings warmth and life to a room. The carpet’s design is a contemporary take on a traditional Persian flower garden, called a bagh hoz. Traditionally, Persian homes have a bagh, and depending on the period and usage can refer to a forest, pool, or yard. A hoz applies to the small body of water in these baghs. Previously, hozs were used as a water source for the home. Today, hozs and baghs are more decorative, and sometimes include water fixtures and sculptures, and are usually found in larger, well-kept estates.

Reflections utilizes the traditional idea of the classic bagh hoz, but with a modern and realistic twist. The designer, Bahram Shabahang, captured the movement of water by using different shades of blue hand-spun wool. Lush green and orange flowers are found on the ends of the carpet, representing the shoreline of the hoz. 

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